Jill Levenson Receives Lifetime Significant Achievement Award

Jill Levenson Awarded the
2019 Lifetime Significant Achievement Award at the 38th Annual ATSA Conference

Florida ATSA joins in honoring our own Jill Levenson, Phd, MSW, LCSW the 2019 Lifetime Significant Achievement Award Recipient at the 38th Annual Research & Treatment Conference for ATSA in Atlanta, GA on November 7, 2019.

The ATSA Lifetime Significant Achievement Award recognizes and honors an individual who, over the course of their career, has made an important contribution within the field of sexual abuse. This award recognizes individuals who have contributed to the state of knowledge the field of sexual abuse; the reduction or prevention of sexual abuse; or the development of initiatives or programs to assist abusers or victim/survivors. The award is presented to an individual whose career work and dedication has significantly influenced or impacted advancements in the field while promoting the safety and well-being of those affected by sexual abuse and the larger community. The recipient of this award is an individual with a minimum of 25 years working in the field of sexual abuse. The recipient’s contribution has enhanced the knowledge base in the field of sexual abuse; and influence has been exerted through leadership including as an innovator, a teacher/mentor, theorist, spokesperson, or as a developer of public policy regarding sexual abuse; and has contributed to enhanced community safety and wellness.