2024 Florida ATSA Conference Schedule

Friday and Saturday Conference will be hybrid in-person and live online. 

  • Friday - March 8, 2024
  • Saturday - March 9, 2024

Friday - March 10th - IN PERSON & Virtual Online

Charles Samenow, MD

Morning break sponsored by


Healthy Sexuality & Psychiatric Considerations in Evaluation of Sex Offending Behavior

Katherine Gomez, Ph.D.

Katie Gotch, MA

Understanding the Intersection Between Human Trafficking & Sexual Offending

Saturday - March 11th - IN PERSON & Virtual Online

Early Morning Options

Kim Spence, Ph.D.

Eric Imhof, PsyD

Creating & Communicating Effective ASD-focused Treatment Recommendations for Individuals with Autism Who Engage in Harmful Sexual Behavior

Ryan Shields, Ph.D.

Working with Individuals who are Attracted to Children: Implications for Prevention and Treatment

Mid-Morning Options

Jill Levenson, LCSW, Ph.D.

Vicarious Trauma & Self-Care

George Deitchman, Ph.D..

Robert Parham, LMHC

Review of the science and reliability of polygraph and pupillometry and Review of the 2017 ATSA Standards for Adolescents and use of Psychophysiological Measures

Florida ATSA Annual Meeting & Lunch


Susan Mankita

Jill Levenson, LCSW, Ph.D.

Providing Tele(mental) Health Services to Treat and Prevent Sexual Abuse: Best Practices

Conference Closing Remarks

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Conference Sponsors

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The 2024 Florida ATSA Two Day Conference training will address post graduate degree continuing education in the following core areas as required by Florida Rule 64B4-7.0081 and 64B4-7.007 (Requirements to be a Qualified Practitioner for Completing Risk Assessments and Treatment of Sexual Offenders and Juvenile Treatment). 

Florida ATSA members and Florida Stakeholders including the Florida Department of Corrections, the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, and the Florida Department of Children and Families are also invited.

Florida ATSA trainings attempt to address a wide range of Florida Qualified Practitioner continuing educational needs. Because there is significant overlap in some of the trainings, attendees must choose how each training session specifically meets their professional needs. The following list corresponds to Qualified Practitioner competency areas noted following the title of this years advertised trainings:

  1. a) Evaluation/risk assessment and treatment of adult and adolescent sexual offenders that have established scientific bases
  2. b) Evaluation/risk assessment and treatment of specialized populations of sexual offenders
  3. c) Safety planning/Family Safety planning
  4. d) Report writing
  5. e) Legal and ethical issues in the evaluation and treatment of sexual offenders
  6. f) Relapse prevention.

Non-negotiable Refund Policy: No refunds after February 15, 2024. 

Conference fees will increase beginning February 15, 2024 by $50. 

 Click here to be directed to the Florida 491 Qualified Practitioner Rules for Adults