Saturday - March 11th - IN PERSON & Virtual Online

Early Morning Options

Kim Spence, Ph.D.

Eric Imhof, PsyD

Creating & Communicating Effective ASD-focused Treatment Recommendations for Individuals with Autism Who Engage in Harmful Sexual Behavior

Ryan Shields, Ph.D.

The Latest on Sexual Abuse Prevention Research

Mid-Morning Options

Jill Levenson, LCSW, Ph.D.

Vicarious Trauma & Self-Care

George Deitchman, Ph.D..

Robert Parham, LMHC

Review of the science and reliability of polygraph and pupillometry and Review of the 2017 ATSA Standards for Adolescents and use of Psychophysiological Measures

Florida ATSA Annual Meeting & Lunch


Susan Mankita

Telehealth and Ethical Standards

Conference Closing Remarks