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IPPC Technologies

Phillip Danford


A career professional in the field of court-mandated supervision, my specialty revolves around the technologies, techniques and threats that exist in managing user device and Internet activity. Working both in the field and private sector adjoined to this profession, I have supervised high-risk individuals, testified in court proceedings, developed officer curriculum, trained private & public case managers and built technology monitoring software.


Smartphones & Safety

Thursday 1:45pm – 5:00pm EST VIRTUAL ONLY – 3 CEU Awarded

Smartphones have become ubiquitous in our everyday life.  But with immediate access gratification, some users’ impulse control has strayed.  In this presentation, we will discuss techniques and practical applications of control mechanisms built-in to smartphones as a means of limiting access to inappropriate material on the web or within apps.  In addition, I’ll provide guidance on a few techniques available to reviewers to determine if the monitored user is accessing other potentially unapproved devices.

Meets Florida Requirements

64B4-7.0081 Requirements to be a Qualified Practitioner for Completing Risk Assessments and Treatment of Sexual Offenders.

(4) A qualified practitioner under this rule shall possess 40 hours of graduate coursework and/or post degree continuing education in all of the following core areas with a minimum of three (3) hours per area:

  (f) Safety planning, for use of the Internet, and/or other new technologies which allow access to sexual material or simulation of sexual activities, and Family Safety planning related to contact with children;

64B4-7.007 Requirement to Hold Oneself Out as Qualified to Practice Juvenile Sex Offender Therapy

  1. (c) Interaction between sexuality and the dynamics of interpersonal and family relationships.

  1. (i) Compulsivity management, arousal control, anger regulation, and relapse prevention.