We are thrilled to welcome Dr. David Feldman to the board of the Florida Association for the Treatment & Prevention of Sexual Abuse (FATSA). Dr. Feldman, a recent addition to our Florida community, has been an active member of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA) since 2005. His extensive background, spanning over a decade, encompasses clinical practice, academic instruction, and research in the critical field of sexual abuse treatment and prevention.

Currently serving as an Associate Professor and Coordinator of the Clinical Forensic Psychology Concentration at Nova Southeastern University, Dr. Feldman has significantly contributed to the academic realm. He pioneered a doctoral-level course titled “Psychological Interventions with Sexual Abusers” and established the Sexual Abuse and Forensic Research (SAFR) laboratory. Under his guidance, the laboratory has become a hub for about 15 doctoral students engaged in various innovative projects.

Dr. Feldman’s clinical expertise is equally impressive. His experience includes providing clinical services at St. Elizabeths Hospital in Washington, D.C., and The Florida Civil Commitment Center in Arcadia, FL. Notably, he has specialized in working with Deaf sexual offenders, offering clinical and consultation services in Florida and nationwide. His insights on this topic have been shared widely through professional presentations, including those for ATSA, and will soon feature in a Safer-Society webinar and a student panel discussion at MnATSA.

As a FATSA board member, Dr. Feldman is eager to bolster our organization’s presence on Florida’s college campuses and among graduate-level trainees in relevant fields. He envisions the development of a FATSA professional member/student mentorship program, aiming to bridge academic learning with practical experience in sexual abuse treatment and prevention. This initiative is designed to provide students with invaluable opportunities for shadowing, practicum, and externships, fostering the growth of the next generation of professionals in this vital area.

Dr. Feldman is also passionate about increasing student involvement in FATSA conferences and events, suggesting ideas like volunteer opportunities, student poster sessions, and research panels. These platforms would not only encourage student research but also facilitate invaluable networking opportunities with established professionals.

A unique and invaluable aspect of Dr. Feldman’s expertise is his work with individuals with disabilities, particularly those who are Deaf or non-verbal. As a member of the Broward County Advisory Board for Individuals with Disabilities (ABID) and a Gallaudet University alumnus, he has extensive experience in this field. His work includes publishing, consulting, and conducting clinical evaluations and assessments. Dr. Feldman’s involvement will significantly enrich FATSA’s resources, highlighting the needs of often underserved populations in the realm of sexual abuse treatment and prevention.

We are confident that Dr. Feldman’s diverse expertise and innovative vision will greatly enhance FATSA’s mission in advancing the treatment and prevention of sexual abuse in Florida and beyond. His commitment to integrating academic knowledge with practical application, coupled with his specialized focus on marginalized groups, aligns perfectly with our goals. Please join us in welcoming Dr. David Feldman to the FATSA family.